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We provide a cost-effective operating model for people in the banking and financial sectors. We have established a platform where banks and financial institutions can outsource their sales and marketing management services to build long-lasting customer relationships. We thrive to establishing ourselves as a leader in direct sales services. Our services include


Know about the setting of the most profitable businesses and the financing opportunities available to you with our services. We have a team of more than 500 employees to deliver top-rated sales services from accounting, legal to real estate sales. We are committed to delivering a stable and effective outcome to make your business a successful one.



We provide full-service marketing services even we design integrated marketing plans for our clients. We have the manpower of 300-400 marketing experts to handle all aspects of marketing procedures from strategy, market analysis, research, and more. Experience hassle-free marketing strategies for your business with RMK services.



Every business has its own unique set of business documents like a marketing plan, agreement, content schedule, and more. For running a business effectively, these documents are essential to collect and preserve. To be able to stay ahead of the competition, ensure that you have all the required documents for professional marketing operations. We take the entire responsibility of collecting all the needed credentials from your doorstep, ensuring safety and privacy.



Avail opportunities to attain successful financial aids from the banks to support your personal or commercial needs. To provide services associated with business loans, accounting, debit and credit card matters, home banking, consultancy, and more, we have certified and experienced executives to meet your personalized banking and financial needs.


Account Management

Good business is built on good relationships. It needs nurturing to maintain relationships, especially in businesses where competition is massive and loyalty is hard-won. We provide highly skilled account managers in maintaining strong client relationships and a relevant bottom line. Good account managers take care of post-sales roles and responsibilities and contribute to the success of your business.


BPO Services

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a procedure of subcontracting a range of business operations to third party vendors. We, the RMK team, take care of your sensitive dealing and activities by connecting and communicating with all third-party companies. Our executives handle calls from customers or clients and provide them with the best business solutions.


Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition refers to gaining new customers for a business. We use the latest customer acquisition techniques to manage customer prospects. We arrange hundreds of campaigns to trigger new customers and make a balance between the flow of customers and sales in your business. Our team of experts creates a bridge between marketing and customer relationship management that you have an increasing flow of new customers.


Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a strategy to promote a brand through continuous advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. In this marketing approach, companies focus on revealing customers through advertising. We organize a range of outsourcing activities and events to help your business grow recognition and sales within the area.


Term Loans

Term loans are loans from banks for a definite amount, and it has a specific compensation schedule with a fixed or floating interest rate. Establishing your small business with sound financial statements, we provide appropriate solutions. Our term loan schemes are flexible with diverse repayment options, quick approval facilities, and competitive interest rates. Contact our executives for more details about our term loan services. Contact us.


Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine finance is a business loan where the liability becomes an equity share after a fixed timeframe. If a company cannot pay back the money, the banker or lender gets a share of equity in its place. In this method, equity in a business is used as security. At RMK Marketing Management, we provide both mezzanine and equity release financing services and bridge the funding gap in your project. Contact our financing team to supporting your business.Contact us.


Project Finance

Project finance refers to the financial analysis of a project. This analysis is essential, mostly for long-term projects. The foremost step of project finance is to determine the economic structure, a combination of debt and equity, used to finance the plan. At RKM services, we offer lucrative financing to provide investment for long-term projects. We can serve as a financier as well as a partner in your projects. We offer customized solutions to meet the personalized requirements of our esteem clients. Contact us.


About us

Welcome to RMK marketing management

The purpose of marketing management is to build up, establish, and maintain business strategies to meet organizational objectives. Therefore, we at RMK Marketing Management focus on a wide range of commercial financing services to help businesses in banking solutions.

Our practices include conventional commercial lending transactions, transactions involving securitization, real estate investments, and credit enhancements. RMK team is dedicated to serving the full range of clients' business and marketable needs on a universal scale. Our team has a strong reputation for excellence in the standard of our guidance and services to clients from almost every industry and representing nearly every type of legal structure.

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    We arrange B2B marketing conferences to help businesses flourish and grow. Our top-ranked conferences add significance to startups and mid-scale marketers by providing top-notch marketing approaches to expand their businesses. Our conferences offer a combination of innovation and technology that work excellence for companies of all types.

    04/01/2021 at 20:00 - 22:00
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    We arrange world marketing summit events that bring sense to corporate and citizens at all stages. And these events define growth in the latest paradigm and grow through meaningful collaborations. We invite top industry leaders and legendary international speakers to share their excellent performance in respective fields and inspire global marketers and young leaders to contribute to financial growth.

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  • Digital Marketing Summit

    We organize digital marketing summits, the largest gathering of financial marketers. Build trust and make your brand distinctive at the largest digital marketing forum for financial services with our meetings and gatherings. Sharpen your digital capabilities to deliver next-generation experiences. Get guidance from financial service leaders on how they boost revenues by applying sound strategies with tactical implementation. Join our meeting and get a chance to meet industry veterans in financial marketing.

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  • Grow Network with Marketing Decision Makers

    We arrange meetings and conferences to access advanced strategic and technological content. We create an environment that is favorable to build lasting business relationships with hundreds of industry veterans and leaders. Meet top-ranked senior financial services marketing leaders at our annual event, build your channel with sales leaders, and grow your business network by taking advantage of our conferences.

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  • Principles That Every Small Business Owner Should Maintain

    In this era, any mishap in your business leads to harmful negative reviews. You must execute your business together with principles and values. While integrity is the foremost requirement for running a successful business, you cannot ignore the value of transparency, adaptability, and empathy to create an honest and long-lasting relationship with your clients.

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  • How to Cut Business Costs

    Businesses come to commercial financing experts for numerous reasons. In some cases, marketers are healthy and flourishing and are looking for greater flexibility for their operational plans without preventive agreements that often go with traditional bank loans. For others, they are relying on our small business lending services to curtail operating costs and day-to-day expenses. There are some issues considered by our experts to help businesses cut operational costs and overall business costs.

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